The Company

The Yasin’s concept is categorized as a quick-casual restaurant, specializing in freshly prepared fish, shrimp, chicken, and salads. The restaurant model uses cooked-to-order meals prepared from high-quality ingredients. Yasin’s menu features items such as Capensis (white fish that belongs to the Whiting family), Sea Trout from Argentina, farmed raised catfish and tilapia, breaded jumbo shrimp, Yasin’s made in-house cole slaw, red beans & rice, and other appetizing side items.

The company’s target market is middle to upper-income African-American communities with densely populated residential and commercial areas. The success of quick-casual restaurants is based on offering full-service, quality food in a quick-service format. Customers like the quick-casual format because it’s convenient and quick while providing high-quality food.

One of the secrets to the success of operating a quick-casual restaurant is to develop a narrow focus that ensures the ability to deliver a quality meal on a timely basis. Yasin’s has successfully refined its emphasis to create signature items that attract customers over the years. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, the company is managed by Kenneth Coggins, the company’s sole shareholder. Mr. Coggins has over 35 years of experience in food service, distribution, and restaurant management.

He is the company’s president and chief operating officer, responsible for daily operations and overseeing the licensed stores. Coggins’ vision is to aggressively grow the concept by increasing the number of Licensed stores, which will be converted to franchise stores once a Franchise license is obtained.