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Quality Fish, Quality Ingredients

We prepare our menu fresh daily, from the finest ingredients available! Every ingredient, meal 

and preparation is inspected for true quality. We want to make sure that we provide a menu that 

is not only tasty but good for you, our customer.

Learn more about our ingredients.


Garden                     Tilapia

Whiting                    Shrimp

Trout                        Chicken

Catfish                     Salmon

Fish Snacks

Comes with Hushpuppies

With a choice of Whiting, Trout, Catfish or Tilapia

2 pc                    Nuggets

3 pc                    Baked

6 pc

Fish Dinners

Comes with Hushpuppies and Two Sides

With a Choice of Whiting, Trout, Catfish or Tilapia

2 pc                    Nuggets

3 pc                    Baked

6 pc

Wild Alaskan Salmon


Comes with Rice and a Roll


Comes with Rice, a Roll and Two Sides 

Shrimp & Chicken

Shrimp Comes with Roll or Hushpuppies

6 pc Jumbo

12 pc Jumbo

12 pc Shrimp Feast

24 pc Shrimp Feast

3 Chicken Tenders

6 Chicken Tenders

Yasin's Supreme Sandwiches 

Served with Lettuce, Tomato and Pickles





Baked Whiting

Shrimp Poboy

Buffalo Style Wings

6 pc                    30 pc

10 pc                  50 pc

20 pc

Yasin's Sides & Specialties 

Fries                              Baked Beans

Onion Rings                 Red Beans and Rice

Sweet Potato Puffs      Potato Salad

Slaw                              Hushpuppies

Fried Okra                    Macaroni and Cheese

Green Beans

Kids Meals

Comes with Hushpuppies, Fries and Small Drink

Kid's Nuggets

Shrimp Tug Boat

Chicken Strips

Yasin's Family Meals

Comes with Hushpuppies or Rolls and Family Sides

With a Choice of Whiting, Trout, Catfish or Tilapia

10 pc (2 sides)

15 pc (3 sides) 

Yasin's Boxes

Comes with Hushpuppies or Rolls

With a choice of  Trout, Catfish or Tilapia

10 pc

15 pc

Combo Meals

Comes with Fries and a Medium Drink

#1 Large Whiting Supreme

#2 Small Whiting Supreme

#3 Whiting Nuggets

#4 Hot Wings

#5 Shrimp Po'boy

#6 Trout Sandwich

#7 Catfish Nuggets

#8 Catfish Supreme


Bean Pie



Soft Drinks and Homemade Sweet Tea

Proudly serving Coke products

Homemade Fruit Drinks

Bottled Water